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We built a revolutionary mobile management application with Powerful Data Analytics. Now you can receive personalized advice for your health using this technology.


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For Health Insurance

To reduce claims and payout cost for Diabetes, obesity and poor health

For Clinics

To shorten patient visitation time and improve personalized care

For Wellness

To reduce sick-day absences; promote team competition   


Personalized Advice

We use advanced algorithms to provide you with personalized meal score and health recommendations.

Health Tracking

Built-in pedometer
Patent-pending food recognition technology
One-click medication log, allow quick and easy tracking of your health.

Ask Expert

Send a health-related question to our health expert team, even with your voice.


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App Features

A glance at a few of our powerful features

Online Logbook

Where all of your data is stored and analyzed over time. Use this personal logbook to observe trend and share it with your healthcare providers.

Reminders & 1-click Log

Automatic reminders help you to take all your medications on time.

Multi-Food Recognition

Take a photo of your meal and instantly log your foods along with nutrition.

Built-in Step Counter (no Fitbit)

There is a buildt-in step counter in the app to record your exercise every day with personalized exercise goal setting.

Ask Expert

Our professional health team is ready to provide support when you have questions relating to health.

Personalized Advice

Receive a score for each meal you log, along with personalized health recommendations based on your data input.

Its efficacy was proven by research with a clinical trial
Read the peer-reviewed publication here.

(The reserach is based on GlucoGuide, which is an early version of GoHealthNow)

In the Media

(The video is based on GlucoGuide, which is an early version of GoHealthNow)



Popular questions we recieve from our corporate clients

  • I am a clinician. How does GoHealthNow help me support my clients’ health?

    GoHealthNow can provide your health organization improved efficiency in the clinic. With a secure administrative account and an access code for your clients, you can:
    - View clients’ online logbook from your admin account
    - Fast and secure communication with your clients by sending personalized tips, or responding to questions sent from your clients
    - Effective communication with other clinicians by making consult notes in client logbooks
    - Help clients set target ranges and custom goals specific to each individual

  • Do all my clients have to share data with me?

    No. You can only access your client’s online logbook if he/she gives consent to share their information. This can be done by the client from the online logbook.

  • I’m interested in collaborating with GoHealthNow. What support will I receive?

    GoHealthNow provides initial in-service support at your site for you and your clients. We will also provide on-going technical support as needed. You can contact us via email at support@glucoguide.ca.

  • What is the cost to utilize GoHealthNow to support my clients?

    The pricing structure varies depending on the type and size of the orgaqnizations. Please contact us directly for an accurate quote.

  • Can my organization be co-branded with GoHealthNow app?

    Yes, co-branding is possible. As a partner of GoHealthNow, your organization’s logo can be embedded in our app.


Popular questions we recieve from our users

  • Is GoHealthNow appropriate for every one?

    Yes. GoHealthNow is a useful tool for anyone who is interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to improve overall health and prevent chronic conditions. GoHealthNow not only helps people in sub-health to control their weight and improve other physical states but also has some specific features to support those living with some medical problems, such as blood glucose monitoring and diabetes medication/insulin log.

  • Where can get support if I have questions about health?

    If you have any questions about nutrition, exercise, weight, and blood glucose, you can send your question to an expert on our health team right from your GoHealthNow app. Simply click on the “Ask Expert” button at the top right corner and send your question. You can expect a reply within 2 business days sent to your app and email.

  • What is my online logbook used for?

    The online logbook tracks all of the information you have entered into the app. It analyzes your data and displays the trend over time. Currently, the online logbook shows data of your blood glucose, diet, meal score, step count, and exercise overall. You can use this to track your own progress, or share with your healthcare provider.

  • Is my personal health information secure with GoHealthNow?

    Absolutely. Your data is as secure and confidential as any online banking service. GoHealthNow uses the latest security protocols to protect your personal health information. Only you, or your healthcare provider with consent (if you have an organization access code) can access your data. If you have questions about our privacy policy, please review the End User License Agreement here.

  • How can I benefit more from GoHealthNow?

    Simply put, the more you use, the better it serves you. GoHealthNow is not just a tracking tool. It uses advanced data analytics to provide you with personalized health suggestions that is specific to your actions. In other words, the more data you enter (diet, exercise, blood glucose, medications), the more personalized advice you receive.

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